Charter of uk.net.news.management

(Not Moderated)

This newsgroup is for the discussion of the management of the uk.* news hierarchy, the committee appointed to oversee the management of said hierarchy, and the guidelines which document the processes applicable in managing the hierarchy.

The newsgroup will include:

Cross-posting between this group and uk.net.news.config is strictly prohibited, EXCEPT for formal RFDs and CFVs and announcements approved by control. Where cross-posting is allowed, the follow-ups line may include either uk.net.news.config OR uk.net.news.management but NOT both.

Formal RFDs to change guidelines should be discussed here instead of uk.net.news.config, and for the purposes of the guidelines, uk.net.news.management shall be deemed the definitive record of discussion. All RFDs should indicate where the definitive discussion should take place.


Plain text is all that is welcome in this newsgroup. Binary postings of any nature are strictly prohibited.

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uk.net.news.management	Management of the uk.* news hierarchy