Charter of uk.net.news.config

(Not Moderated)

For discussions concerning the creation, renaming or deletion of newsgroups within the UK Hierarchy, especially those arising from RFDs published in uk.net.news.announce in accordance with the Guidelines For Group Creation within the UK Hierarchy. Discussions relating to connectivity, propagation, and other non-configuration issues should take place in uk.net. Discussions relating to the management of the uk.* newsgroup hierarchy, the committee, officers and guidelines should take place in uk.net.news.management.

Cross-posting between this group and uk.net.news.management is strictly prohibited, EXCEPT for formal RFDs and CFVs and announcements approved by control. Where cross-posting is allowed, the follow-ups line may include either uk.net.news.config OR uk.net.news.management but NOT both.

Newsgroups line

uk.net.news.config	Discussions of RFDs posted in uk.net.news.announce