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The group will be for the discussion of association football in and related to the UK, at all levels. This includes international football involving the four home countries, and UK clubs in European competition. Other events abroad in football which have some bearing on the British game and its fans can be discussed (e.g. The Bosman ruling, British players abroad, foreign transfer targets, European superleagues etc.) as well as major events such as the World Cup or the European Championships.

Posts must be in plain text only. Non plain text posts (e.g. HTML and Rich Text) are forbidden. Binaries (picture files, sounds, etc, whether related to football or not), including v-cards and other such kinds of attachment, with the exception of PGP signatures, are also forbidden. ASCII art (Especially more than four lines) which is irrelevant to the current debate is forbidden.

Advertising directly related to association football in the UK is permitted where the advertiser respects this forum. This precludes posts over 10 lines, posts repeated more than once within a 30 day period or any advertising post that breaches guidelines for Binaries and HTML. All adverts must have a subject line beginning with "ADVERT" without the quotation marks. Repeated breaches of this guideline will be dealt with by swift reporting of the offence to the appropriate ISP.

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