Charter of uk.sport.football.clubs.liverpool

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The group is for discussion of Liverpool Football Club. Players, results and any other matter related to Liverpool FC are relevant subjects for debate. Fans of other clubs are welcome to post to this group, but advocacy of other football clubs, and attacks on Liverpool FC are unwelcome.


Advertising is forbidden, with the following exceptions:
Suppliers of goods and services directly relevant to Liverpool FC may post a pointer to their website. This may not exceed four lines and may be posted no more often than once every three months. The subject line must begin "AD" or "ADVERT".
Participants in discussions may include under four line references to their Liverpool FC related business in their .sig.


Posts must be in plain text only. Non plain text posts (e.g. HTML and Rich Text) are forbidden. Binaries (picture files, sounds etc., whether related to football or not), with the exception of PGP signatures, are also forbidden. ASCII art (especially more than four lines) which is irrelevant to the current debate is forbidden.

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