Charter of uk.sport.athletics

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The newsgroup will discuss British Track & Field Athletics in its widest context, which will incorporate Road Running and Cross Country Running. Although it is anticipated that International athletics will be widely discussed within the group, a major purpose of the group is to discuss Club level activities, and be a forum to express the points of concern at grass roots level within the sport.

The posting of full results will be encouraged, as will club, county and international rankings.

Furthermore advertising of forthcoming fixtures will be allowed so long as they fall within the parameters of "athletics" as understood in the UK, and administered within the rules of the British Athletic Federation. This excludes Cycling, Triathlon and Swimming.

Their is clearly a need for a group such as uk.sport.athletics which will assist in the organization of competitions, distribution of results, exchanging of training ideas, and coaching advice.

In addition general discussions will take place relating to the wider aspects of the sport, embracing the Olympic Movement, Drugs, and other forms of cheating.

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