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This is a discussion news group about aspects of life, the universe and everything, as discussed by those who are or have been single at some point in time, mainly within the UK.

The only requirement is that you have been single at some time in your life, know someone who was, or are interested in some of the subjects that single people have been known to talk about. Please realise, though, that there are a lot of quite fragile people here who don't wish to be reminded how lovely it is to be in a relationship.

That said, angst of any form is always *most* welcome, along with donations of chocolate.


Appropriate posts should be both interactive and entertaining, posing an open question about some aspect of the human condition as it applies to singleness. Or replying to another contributor's post and adding an observation that sheds light on a different aspect of the issue under discussion or just makes some people out there laugh and shoot Lapsang Souchong out through their noses onto their computer keyboards.

Extra-terrestrials are welcome, provided they behave. There have been large numbers of sad bastards who've come barging in from AOL (America On-Line) posting and have given a bad name to the others, who are actually nice people, but have been tarred with the same brush. As this is essentially a UK group, other groups such as soc.singles may be more appropriate for some people.

Announcements by regular posters of the group, for social gatherings and the like, for readers of the group.

NOT Welcome

Binary files and Pointers

There is a policy that there will be no posting of binary files, or pointers to Web or ftp sites, except as answers to specific questions as *part* of the response to a previous post, or as part of FAQs pointing to places to find group related information, provided by posters to the group.

Most pointers are generally web sites of so called 'dating' services for people mainly based in the USA, or for lists of Eastern Bloc or Asian women. This type of advertising is NOT welcome.


Advertising is NOT welcome. Appropriate places for adverts are as follows, others may exist:-
        email or penpal requests -    soc.penpals
                                   or uk.adverts.personals
                                   or uk.adverts.personals.gay-lesbian-bi
        seeking partners, dates..-    uk.adverts.personals
                                   or uk.adverts.personals.gay-lesbian-bi
also consult this web page for a definitive list of newsgroups that allow personals -
        other types of advertising -  see relevant groups in the
                                      uk.adverts.* or uk.jobs.* hierarchy.
        Also look at                  http://www.mimir.com/singles/


Announcements of group events organised by regular group posters for those who read the group, are welcome on the group.

Current FAQ

The FAQ is currently available from -

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