Charters of
uk.religion.misc (Not Moderated)
uk.religion.buddhist (Not Moderated)
uk.religion.hindu (Not Moderated)
uk.religion.islam (Not Moderated)
uk.religion.interfaith (Not Moderated)
uk.religion.other-faiths (Not Moderated)

It is clear that separate newsgroups are required for the major faiths to prevent misunderstanding and strife. A single newsgroup containing opposing faiths would inevitably become a flame-fest. The faith-specific newsgroups are intended primarily for the use of the members of the appropriate faith. Visitors seeking to find out about a faith will be welcomed but should be on their best behaviour. Missionaries and proselyteing will NOT be tolerated. Cross-posting between these groups is NOT appropriate except for single announcements that an interesting discussion is taking place under uk.religion.interfaith. Followup-To : uk.religion.interfaith MUST be set correctly in message headers for such announcements.

The need for newsgroups for other faiths has not been established at this stage. If there is sufficient traffic in uk.religion.other-faiths from specific faiths then additional newsgroups in uk.religion.* could be considered later. It is hoped that these minorities can live together peaceably in a single group.

uk.religion.interfaith is intended primarily as a forum for organised interfaith groups. This group is also available for FRIENDLY open discussions between members of different faiths.

uk.religion.misc is intended as a QUIET place which all users can subscribe in the hope of seeing the occasional gem without getting a large message volume. Hopefully this can be achieved without making this a moderated group.

See also uk.religion.christian, uk.religion.jewish (both moderated) and uk.religion.pagan which have their own charters.

Newsgroups lines

uk.religion.buddhist	Discussion of the buddhist faith
uk.religion.hindu	Discussion of the hindu faith
uk.religion.interfaith	Discussion of the interfaith issues
uk.religion.islam	Discussion of the islamic faith
uk.religion.misc	Discussion about religion in general
uk.religion.other-faiths	Discussion of the other faiths