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This newsgroup is intended as a general discussion area for UK Jews, and as an information resource about Judaism in the UK.


Non-jews are welcome to join us to ask bona-fide questions, and to discover information about Judaism. Please read the entire charter BEFORE posting.


All postings should be in English. Where Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino or Aramaic words or phrases are used these should be translated. Eg:- Brit Milah [circumcision].

Shabbat Observance

Shabbat [the Jewish sabbath] begins 18 minutes before local sunset on friday and ends after darkness on saturday. Please do not post within these times. The saving of life is exempt from this restriction.

Discussion topics

On-topic discussions include:

Prohibited postings

The following are considered to be off-topic and are NOT permitted.


A FAQ will be regularly posted which will contain information about where to find Jewish resources on the net.

Moderation submission address

uk.religion.jewish is moderated by a robo-moderator which automatically approves postings from known users. Crossposted messages and messages from unknown users are forwarded to a human moderator.

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