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This newsgroup may be used for the discussion of underground space in the UK, including adit shafts, air raid shelters, ammunition stores, bell pits, bunkers, burial chambers, cable tunnels, canal tunnels, catacombs, cave dwellings, cellars, chalk wells, chalk mines, the Channel Tunnel, chert mines, coal mines, communication centres, conduits, control centres, crypts, culverts, drains, deneholes, drift mines, dungeons, earth houses, flint mines, fogous, follies, Fullers earth mines, fortifications, funicular railway tunnels, grottoes, horizontal wells, ice-houses and wells, inhabited caves, metal mines, military works, mines, mines and countermines, mushroom growing, ossuaries, oubliettes, pedestrian tunnels, pipe subways, priest holes, railway tunnels, refuges, reservoirs, road tunnels, sandmines, sallyports, secret hiding places, shafts, shelters, show caves, silos, slate mines, souterrains, stone quarries, storage pits, stores, subways, tunnels, underground housing, underground power stations, underground quarries and wells.


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uk.rec.subterranea	Tunnels and other man-made/used spaces underneath the UK