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uk.rec.psychic is for the discussion of anything with a 'psychic' relevance that has some kind of a UK connection. This includes discussion from both 'scientific' and 'non-scientific' points of view. On the 'scientific' side, for example, one might discuss current and past laboratory or field studies conducted in the UK, and related scientific analysis and theorisation. On the 'non-scientific' side, one might discuss for example clairvoyant experiences, unexpected or recurrent telepathic experiences, premonitory dreams, poltergeists, 'unlicenced' research, sacred sites, ley-lines, some aspects of paganism and wicca, mundane astrology, occultism, and so on.

Binaries are not permitted. Pointers to interesting websites or FTP sites are encouraged. Advertising is not permitted. Occasional recommendation of products is acceptable on the understanding that the recommender does not have a commercial interest.

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