Charter of uk.rec.photo.adverts

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This is an area for photography related advertising of all kinds. This includes, but is not limited to, second hand equipment sales, offers of services, jobs wanted or offered and pointers to commercial sites.

No binary postings are acceptable. If users wish to make binaries available, URLs should be given instead.

All forms of advertising are allowed, subject to the following restrictions:

Non-commercial sales:
subject line to include [FS] or [WTB], one post per fortnight. The subject line should be descriptive of the items for sale. eg. [FS] Nikon F5, 300mm f/2.8.
Commercial sales:
subject line to include [COMM] and the name of the company, one post per month; to be a URL to appropriate further information, prices etc. eg. [COMM] Grays of Westminster.
Job adverts:
Job adverts are allowed, again subject to a once per month limit. Subject lines should include [JOB] or [JOB WANTED]. eg. [JOB] Photo-editor, major national daily.

Newsgroups line

uk.rec.photo.adverts	Adverts for photographic equipment, services and jobs