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uk.rec.motorcycles.trailriding is for discussions of a general nature, for those who are interested in riding motorcycles on legal byways (green lanes) in the UK. These discussions will include:- Binaries are not acceptable, but pointers to web sites containing maps, directions, photo's of interest, etc. are welcome.

Advertising will be allowed if relevant to this group such as from Pubs, Inns, B&B's and private "for sales". The advertising of services from trade suppliers will be accepted but machine sales from dealers will not. Clubs will be able to post newsletters and items of interest such as BBQ's, family get togethers and other events along the lines of what the "Trail rider's fellowship" (TRF) are involved with as a group. Those posting messages about illegal motorcycles.trailriding will not be welcome.

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uk.rec.motorcycles.trailriding	For those interested in motorcycle trailriding