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To discuss gardening issues relevant to the UK. These will include flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit & vegetables, lawns, houseplants, beneficial insects & animals, soils, composting, design, location, situation, seasons/times, hard structures (paths, greenhouses, cloches, rockeries), ponds, tools & materials, weeds and pests & diseases. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.

In the absence of more appropriate, geographically specific newsgroups, discussion of gardening in Eire, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will also be welcome. Because there are climatic, legal, cultural and other differences, discussion of gardening in other parts of the world is OFF TOPIC (there are other regional gardening newsgroups, and the global rec.gardens, one of which may be more appropriate). Please note that this exclusion relates to subject matter, not people, and posters from around the globe will be welcome to participate in or initiate discussion of UK-relevant topics.

Specifically, please remember that there is no direct correlation between US climate zones and the climate of the UK.


All posts should be in plain ASCII text. The posting of all binaries (including, for example, pictures, html format text or code, "business cards", software, word processor files) is not welcome. Such material belongs on a web or ftp site, to which a pointer may be posted.


Advertising is not welcome, with the following exceptions:
Suppliers of UK-relevant gardening equipment, services or plant material may post a pointer to their website or invitation to request a catalogue. This may not exceed four lines. This may be posted no more often than once every three months. The subject line should begin "AD" or "ADVERT".
Participants in discussions may include references to their garden-related business in their .sig (max. four lines).

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uk.rec.gardening	To discuss gardening topics relevant to the UK