Charter of uk.rec.equestrian

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An un-moderated newsgroup for the discussion of general equestrian activities and sports and the dissemination of information on general equestrian activities, sports and matters directly arising, for all parties having an interest in equestrian activities in the British Isles. It is for both the recreational and competitive element in any equestrian discipline. Excluded from this would be discussion of form or betting matters related to the thoroughbred horseracing industry which would be more suitably dealt with in uk.sport.horseracing.

Personal advertisements for related equipment & services are welcome, but should be brief. Short (less than 20 lines) announcements of events relevant to readers are permitted; blatant off- the-topic and commercial advertisements are not.

Binaries are not permitted in this group but references to WWW URLs are welcomed.

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uk.rec.equestrian	Discussion of general UK equestrian activities