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uk.rec.engines.stationary is for the discussion of all aspects of preservation and restoration of all stationary engines and related equipment together with the display of same. Discussion will be varied and include the trading of information relating to the restoration of stationary engines and related equipment. Help will be freely available to all and there will be an interchange of advice about parts suppliers and re-manufacturers.

Only private advertising will be allowed from individuals and clubs relating to the sale of restored engines , engines for restoration and parts. Requests for restored engines, engines for restoration and engine parts will also be allowed. No pseudo auctions or haggling on list, all such discussions to be taken off-list. Business advertising from small artisan workshops will be welcome if it is restricted to the services available and does not openly quote prices. Notification of shows and rallies will also be allowed.

Binaries are not permitted on this newsgroup but pointers to Web sites are welcome.

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uk.rec.engines.stationary	For the preservation of stationary engines