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The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a forum for people in the UK who sew (by hand or machine) to discuss sewing techniques, equipment usage, and sources of materials.

Posts discussing sewing techniques, equipment usage, and sources of materials are all acceptable. All posts must be in plain text, and should not be cross-posted to more than two other newsgroups.

Personal advertising of goods for sale or exchange is permitted, but any trade between people originating from a contact initially found in the newsgroup is done at the participants own risk.

Commercial advertising is allowed. The subject line must start "ADVERT ", and the post should be no more than 6 lines in length. Commercial establishments may post an invitation to either visit their web site or request details such advertisements should not be posted more than once every calendar month.

Individuals may post recommendations of markets, stores, magazines, etc in reply to an existing post, but this recommendation should be strictly on-topic.

PGP signatures are permitted, as are commercial references in signatures. However, signatures must not exceed 4 lines. All other binaries are forbidden.

It would be preferred that replies to posts are made through the newsgroup, though this is not compulsory.

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uk.rec.crafts.sewing	Discussion of sewing (by hand or machine) in the UK