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uk.rec.collecting.misc is an unmoderated newsgroup to provide a forum for the discussion of all aspects of collecting in the UK. It is intended to form the basis of a uk.rec.collecting.* sub-hierarchy as the demand arises.

uk.rec.collecting.misc should appeal to a wide range of people involved in both the recreational and professional aspects of buying, selling and collecting antiques and collectables. However it is not intended primarily as a collecting marketplace. Hopefully, we will have novices to collecting as well as experts in all aspects of restoring, repairing and conserving antiques, the amateur as well as the professional dealer and collector.

Students wishing to find help with history projects may find uk.rec.collecting.misc a valuable resource. All of these people will be welcomed to share ideas, ask questions, or simply lurk and learn.

This newsgroup will serve the interests of people in the uk collecting antique and old-fashioned objects and ephemera.

Collecting the above mentioned items is a popular recreational activity amongst people of all age groups. This newsgroup will provide a forum for exchange of information for collectors in the UK. Subject headers of postings could reflect the type of collectible item to which the messages refer. The newsgroup would, for example, help:

Examples of discussion topics might include: uk.rec.collecting.misc is *not* primarily intended as a forum for commercial transactions with respect to the buying and selling of collectibles, antiques or ephemera. Messages containing only descriptions of articles wanted, or for sale, and commercial advertisements are not welcome.

Binaries, such as pictures of articles, are not permitted in this group, but you are invited to put them on a Web page and post the URL here.

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uk.rec.collecting.misc	Antiques and collectibles of interest in the UK