Charter of uk.rec.cars.kit-car

(Not Moderated)

The group is for the discussion of all matters related to Kit-Constructed or Home-built cars in the UK, including their construction, use, repair and parts-sourcing.

It is open to anyone who has an interest and will welcome relevant articles on social, racing or practical events.

It is also intended to provide support for anyone with mechanical or technical problems as well as discussion of rebuilds and the availability of parts, in the UK, for all marques of Kit Cars.


Advertising is *forbidden*, with the following exceptions:


With the exception of PGP signatures, all encoded binaries (eg pictures, HTML, word processor files, .zip files, "business cards") or similar non-plaintext postings are forbidden; Such material belongs on a web or FTP site, to which a pointer may be posted.

WARNING: Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their postmaster/ISP.

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uk.rec.cars.kit-car	Construction, use, and repair of Kit-Cars in the UK