Charter of uk.rec.cars.fuel.lpg

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This group is for discussing all aspects of the conversion of cars to and the running of cars on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) in the UK, including conversion of light vans, minibuses and 4x4s which use basically car-type engines and also including issues such as availability of LPG.

Discussion of conversions to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is also allowed.

Discussion of engine changes from diesel to petrol is allowed where this has been done in order to convert to LPG.

Discussion on the conversion of large commercial vehicles or buses, or of the wider environmental issues relating to internal combustion engines is not allowed.

Other topics such as legal aspects, vehicle warranties or insurance are only permitted provided the discussion is relevant to the use of LPG.


Advertising is forbidden, with the following exception:
Postings may include web addresses, URLs, phone numbers or addresses to RELEVANT businesses or suppliers in response to specific questions. General postings of such URLs etc., even if posted by a third party, are not allowed.

Binaries & Formatting

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be posted. Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be used where authentication is important and should be as short as possible.


As with most groups, excessively long signatures are not allowed. The normal rule for this is 4 standard-length lines (80 characters or less) and while this will not be enforced to the letter excessively long signatures will constitute a violation of this charter. The inclusion of web page links in signatures is acceptable, but if these refer to a commercial site (and are thus advertisements in all but name) they should be readily identifiable as such.

Posts must be readable as plain text. HTML, RTF and similarly formatted messages are prohibited. To see how to make your newsreader comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their "postmaster" and/or Service Provider.

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uk.rec.cars.fuel.lpg	Converting and running cars on LPG in the UK