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uk.rec.audio is an unmoderated newsgroup. It is primarily a forum for discussion of hi-fi equipment available in the UK, a place for independant reviews and opinions on hi-fi, and an advice centre for those bitten by the upgrade bug. It may include discussions on what hi-fi is trying to do (accurately reproduce music? a 'live' acoustic?) and its development. It is also a site for the private sale and exchange of used hi-fi components.

The Old Arguments

Lengthy flames on: will be frowned upon.

Audio visual

uk.rec.audio does not include A/V systems as hi-fi. This subject already has its own forum in uk.media.home-cinema.


Private adverts for hi-fi separates or high quality systems are welcome. No spams or commercial adverts should be posted.The title of an advertisement should begin with the letters FS: (for sale) or WTB: (wanted to buy).

Cross posting

Cross posting is not advised, since overseas Anglo-hi-philes should be able to access the group.


Binaries should not be posted to this group.

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uk.rec.audio		Discussion and exchange of hi-fi audio equipment