Charter of uk.railway

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This is primarily an UK group but news and views from foreign parts are welcome if they help us to understand the UK scene better; or where they concern UK products / companies abroad. Otherwise there are more appropriate in other railway newsgroups (such as misc.transport.rail.europe).

This is primarily a 12 inch to the foot scale group but questions from modellers are welcome if they are about such things as liveries, working practices, dates of use, historical authenticity etc, otherwise they should post to uk.rec.models.rail.

Our definition of "railway" is any system that uses of rail or track to support and guide vehicles. This includes tramways, narrow gauge, monorail and MAGLEV systems.

Postings of a commercial nature are generally not welcome unless they are short and relevant to UK railways - a couple of lines pointing to a website is generally preferred. All commercial adverts should be prefixed with 'COMMERCIAL:'. Off-topic or repetitive commercial advertising are not permitted.

Anyone posting adverts contrary to this charter may be reported to their postmaster or ISP.

Postings should be in English or a close approximation thereto.

With the exception of PGP signatures, encoded binaries (eg pictures, word processor files, .zip files or other data files), html, or similar non-plaintext postings are not permitted on this group, however references to relevant downloadable resources and Web URLs are welcomed. Pictures should be posted in the appropriate binary newsgroup.

Otherwise anything and everything is welcome, serious or frivolous, current or historical, steam or diesel, pro or anti privatisation; and from anybody and everybody: academics, bashers, consultants, drivers, engineers, franchisees, genealogists, historians, inspectors, Jaffa Cakes, kettles, lemmings, managers, normals, officers in local government, publishers, Quail cartographers, the Regulator, stewards, tourists, uniform freaks, volunteer workers, war correspondents, XC travellers, yardmasters and zealots.

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