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uk.radio.amateur.moderated is for the discussion of amateur ("ham") radio, also known as the Amateur Radio Service, in the United Kingdom. Possible topics include past, present, and future operating practices; events; contests; past, present, and potential-future rules; power limitations; authorised frequencies; allowed modes and band plans (or other gentlemen's agreements) that govern how we are to operate; what constitutes the acceptable operation of amateur stations.

This newsgroup is only intended to supplement, not supercede, any other amateur radio newsgroups.

General communications law or government policy of various government agencies is also on-topic, as long as the discussion relates to amateur radio. Examples would be emergency communications, local antenna restrictions, and property deed restrictions applying to operation of amateur radio stations.

Discussion of other types of radio, such as Citizens Band, Broadcast, other Personal Radio Services, Commercial or Private Land Mobile, and Marine or Aviation services are off-topic, except when *directly* related to amateur radio. Similarly, discussion of methods violating applicable communications law and regulations concerning radio equipment or operations are off-topic.

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Brian Howie, GM4DIJ
Roger Hayter, GW8BFO
Thomas Gray, HB9FUH
Ian Clifton
David Taylor GM8ARV

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