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uk.politics.misc is a group aimed at wide ranging discussion, the only restriction being that issues discussed must be of a political nature. The group is expected to concentrate on the politics of or affecting the UK, and is open to posters from outside the UK as well as within it.

Cross posting

Excessive cross posting is inappropriate. Cross posting to other groups in the uk.politics.* hierarchy MUST be on-topic for those groups, and is generally discouraged because of the likelihood of subject drift. Cross posting to more than two special-topic uk.politics.* groups, or to uk.politics.misc and special-topic group(s) simultaneously is not allowed. Cross posting to more than a total of 4 groups (including this one) is strongly discouraged. Cross posting between any gun group and uk.politics.misc is specifically forbidden.


Is forbidden, except that short (less than 20 lines) announcements of relevant events are allowed.


Binaries (apart from PGP signatures) are not permitted, but directions as to where binaries may be found are welcomed.

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uk.politics.misc	Miscellaneous UK political discussion