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uk.politics.guns carries discussion of the political aspects of gun ownership and usage in the UK.

Advertising is forbidden, except that short (<20 lines) announcements of relevant events are allowed. Advertising of guns for sale is specifically prohibited.

Binaries are not permitted at all. Directions to other sources of binaries (e.g. web pages or ftp sites) are allowed.

Excessive crossposting is inappropriate, please stick to absolutely relevant groups. Specifically it is usually inappropriate to crosspost discussions between uk.politics.guns and talk.politics.guns. If it is not a UK specific issue it should be in talk.politics.guns only and, likewise, if it is a UK specific issue it should be in uk.politics.guns only. Also crossposting between uk.politics.guns and uk.politics.misc is not permitted.

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uk.politics.guns	For discussion of guns and gun laws in the UK.