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This is a general discussion group for epilepsy issues with a bias towards, but not exclusively for, people residing in the United Kingdom.

The intended users of this group are primarily people who have epilepsy, those who care for others who have epilepsy and anyone wanting more information about epilepsy.

This group advocates neither a medical nor non-medical model of care and support. This is a group dedicated to mutual support and self help issues.

New users are welcomed to this group. Flaming, disparaging remarks and all intolerant posts are specifically unwelcome.


There will be no advertising within the group. Discussion about products, drugs, etc. is permitted on a personal interest level only.


With the exception of PGP signatures, all encoded binaries e.g. pictures, HTML, word processor files, .zip files, "business cards") or similar non-plaintext postings are forbidden: Such material belongs on a web or FTP site, to which a pointer may be posted.

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