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This is a discussion group for subjects relating to the social interactions of all those with an interest in Science Fiction, and its relevance in the Real World in which we live.

Contributions are therefore welcomed from anyone with a wish to discuss the "social" aspects of science fiction, topics that might ordinarily be frowned upon in the newsgroup(s) they normally frequent relating to this subject, and those who wish to expand their understanding and interaction with Science Fiction in a wider arena.

Relevant announcements to readers are permitted (for instance announcements of SF Conventions, discussion forums or academic conferences), however off-topic or repetitive commercial advertising is not.

Encoded binaries (eg pictures, word processor files, .zip files etc), html, or similar non-plaintext postings are not permitted on this group, however PGP signatures, references to relevant downloadable resources and Web URLs are welcomed.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is posting of spoiler material appertaining to ANY current UK SF TV programme, book, movie or other relevant source permitted. This group is for the discussion of general social issues arising from GENERAL SF discussion and is not a forum for the dissection or critical appraisal of SF materials. The place for such discussion is your relevant SF group(s), following the appropriate rules laid down by the charter(s) of those group(s)

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