Charter of uk.people.parents

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uk.people.parents is for the discussion of issues relating to raising children in the United Kingdom. Typical subjects for discussion are issues such as discipline, moral and educational development, health and physical well-being.


Advertising is *forbidden*, with the following exceptions:
Suppliers of relevant goods and services may post a pointer to relevant resources on the Internet or an invitation that readers may request details. Such messages must not exceed seven lines and may not be posted more often than once every eight weeks. The subject line for these must begin "AD" or "ADVERT".


All posts must be made in plain text; HTML and other types of formatted text are forbidden. Please note that this does not prevent the inclusion of URL and email addresses.


With the explicit exception of PGP signatures; all encoded binaries are forbidden. Forbidden binaries include, but are not limited to; pictures, sounds, word processor documents, executable code and "business cards".

You are invited to read a guide at http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html for further information on how to configure your newsreader to post correctly to uk newsgroups.

Posts to the group are expected to be considerate of other readers, respectful of individual privacy, and not breach matters of confidentiality. Persistent personal abuse, flames, and obscenities are *not* appreciated and should be actively discouraged by the readership.

Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their postmaster and / or ISP.

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uk.people.parents	Discussion about parental childcare