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This group provides a forum for people to discuss health-related issues. The scope for discussion is likely to be, but not exclusively, the provision of health care; both conventional and alternative, medical conditions, non-prescription medicines and factors affecting health; e.g. diet and exercise. The group is aimed at the "layman" but contributions from professionals in the health field are welcome.

Discussion of medical conditions is not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice, but rather to complement this by providing support from others. In order to allow discussion of such matters in confidence, the use of anonymous re-mailers, e.g. anon.penet.fi, is encouraged.


Advertising is inappropriate; uk.adverts.* newsgroups exist for this purpose.


Binaries are not permitted, but directions as to where binaries may be found are.

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uk.people.health	Health-related issues relevant to the UK