Charter of uk.people.disability

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This unmoderated group will be a forum for discussion of all disability related items in the UK. There are a number of very popular and high volume groups in the main series, with many UK members. However, the UK communication and local interests are overwhelmed by the volume of North American traffic. Because of the high traffic, people tend to focus on their own specific disability interests.

A UK wide general disability group would complement the main groups by allowing discussion of topics of local interest by disabled people and their friends and carers. In particular, such matters as medical insurance, health care, events, social services requirements, benefits policy, and other localised topics wold be better discussed by UK members in a local newsgroup with common interests even if different disabilities are involved.

Advertising Policy

Unsolicited commercial advertising is not welcomed on uk.people.disability. Sensible answers to queries about products or services are permitted provided that detailed product description, price, and place to enquire about the product are not all included.

The whole point of the newsgroup is the provision of information and postings made in the spirit of this objective will be welcomed.

Binary Files

Posters are asked not to post binary files e.g. pictures and executable files i.e. programs. People wanting to make such files available to others should post a message offering them by e-mail.

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uk.people.disability	Discussion of disability related topics in the UK