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uk.people.deaf is an unmoderated Internet newsgroup for discussion and announcements related to deafness and surrounding issues. You certainly don't have to be deaf to read or contribute to this newsgroup, nor do you have to be in the UK, although the topics of discussion should be of interest to people reading the newsgroup in the UK.


uk.people.deaf is for text messages only. Binaries and other encoded messages should not be posted to the newsgroup. If a contributor wishes to make binary content files available to the readers of the newsgroup they should either arrange for the file to be made available on an ftp or www server or should offer to send the file by email on request.


Advertisements for products and services that have been advertised in this newsgroup or elsewhere on a regular basis should not be posted to uk.people.deaf.

Commercial connections of posters to the newsgroup may be indicated by a modest mention in the message signature.

Advertisements may be acceptable provided that they fall into one of the following categories:


Contributions to uk.people.deaf don't have to be serious or of lasting (or even transient) value, but care should be taken not to cause gratuitous offence to other contributors to the group.

It is expected that contributors to the group will respect the generally accepted rules of netiquette with regards to restricting the amount of quoting of previous articles to the minimum required to put the reply into context. Signatures should be restricted to a modest size in order to minimise the amount of scrolling required to read the complete message.

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uk.people.deaf		Discussion about issues relating to deaf people