Charter of uk.people.crossdressing

(Not Moderated)

This newsgroup provides a supportive, informative and friendly environment for UK based crossdressers i.e. individuals who for any number of reasons dress at any time in clothes normally associated with individuals of a gender other than their own.


Articles posted to this newsgroup should be relevant to members of this community or about the newsgroup itself.

Announcements concerning fashion, support group meetings, important events and transcribed news articles of interest to crossdressers are allowed and encouraged.

Monthly posting of personal advertisements, not otherwise excluded herein, are allowed provided the individual is based in the UK. New individuals to the group are encouraged to post a short introduction about themselves and their situation.

Posting monthly pointers to websites of interest to the crossdressing community in general is also allowed.

Off Topic

Personal attacks, sexual come-ons, obscene language, works of fiction, commercial advertisements, trolls, flames and general "spam" are strictly prohibited.

Especially forbidden is the open condemnation of crossdressing or any transgendered lifestyle.

The posting of binaries (pictures, programs, sound files - generally anything encoded for posting purposes) is prohibited. Binaries should be posted to a newsgroup in the alt.binaries.* hierarchy.

Articles posted in response to articles of questionable topicality are also deemed to be off-topic. Off topic articles should be ignored.

Articles violating this charter shall be considered to be usenet abuse and treated as such.

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uk.people.crossdressing	Support and info for UK based cross-dressers