Charter of uk.people.consumers.ebay

(Not Moderated)

This group provides a place for uk users of Ebay's websites to discuss all matters relating to transactions and auctions conducted through the site. This includes but is not limited to advice on how to write and format adverts, how to achieve the best deal when buying or selling , and matters related to shipping items and paying for them via online payment services such as Paypal and Nochex.

It is not intended to be a place where people simply post links to items they have for sale and posts of this nature should be sent to appropriate adverts newsgroups.

Comparisons with and discussion of alternative auction sites would also be on topic.


Advertising is forbidden. Links included as part of a persons normal Usenet Signature appended to on-topic posts are exempt from this although these should be kept as short as possible.

Binaries & Formatting

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc.) are forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be posted. Cryptographic signatures (e.g. PGP) may be used where authentication is important and should be as short as possible.

Posts must be readable as plain text. HTML, RTF and similarly formatted messages are prohibited. To see how to make some common newsreaders comply with this, read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their "postmaster" and/or Service Provider.

Newsgroups line

uk.people.consumers.ebay	Doing business on Ebay in the UK