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The purpose of this group is the discussion of matters pertaining to the art and pursuit of DJing, with the emphasis on DJing in the UK. Suitable topics include discussion of DJ hardware such as turntables, CD decks and mixers; mixing techniques; and DJ charts, mailing list info and feedback. The group is NOT for the discussion of the merits of "name" DJs, commercial mix tapes and general discussion on dance music - these topics belong in various other groups such as alt.music.dance, alt.music.house, alt.music.techno, alt.rave and uk.music.rave.


Only when in accordance with the following rules:
  1. Private advertisements for DJ equipment and related items are allowed
  2. Adverts for recordings for sale are not generally allowed, as they could generate a large amount of traffic and should be catered for elsewhere. However, a DJ wishing to sell his/her complete collection or a sizable part of it may advertise here for the attention of other DJs
  3. Job advertisements from commercial concerns for SPECIFIC jobs are allowed, and may be posted in any quantity except that each post must not be advertised more than once per week until filled
  4. Other commercial advertisements, including those offering general Agency services, are allowed but are limited to two DIFFERENT adverts per week per company, in addition to any allowed by rule 3
  5. All commercial adverts must be clearly marked as being such; the preferred format for such marking is for the subject header to begin "COMMERCIAL:" or "COMM:".
  6. Off-topic advertisements, money-making schemes and so on, are NOT acceptable.


None; however, references to FTP and Web URLs are welcomed.

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