Charter of uk.media.tv.sky

(Not Moderated)

The aim of this newsgroup is to provide a forum for the discussion of programmes shown on the British Sky Broadcasting network. Discussion of delivery and reception technology, for example dishes and decoders, is forbidden.

In order to assist the threading of posts in the group, each header should start with a suitable abbreviation of the show to which it refers, in parentheses.
For example:

'(SAAB) What happened to the Wild Cards?'
SAAB = Space: Above and Beyond
'(M1) So who killed Jessica Costello?'
M1 = Murder One
This will allow readers to killfile threads concerning shows in which they have no interest.


No advertising is be allowed, except for announcements of WWW sites or email addresses to allow people to obtain further information.


No binaries of any kind are allowed; however pointers to Sky-related binaries on WWW or FTP sites are acceptable.

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uk.media.tv.sky		Programmes on the British Sky Broadcasting network