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The group will be a forum for discussion of all science fiction programmes on uk television, both past & present. Intended principally for uk users, it will allow for comparisons between shows (such as the Star Trek vs Babylon 5 discussions), reminiscenses of old programmes ('Hey, who remembers the Blake's 7 episode when...'), & speculations about storylines for programmes which don't as yet have their own group.

A uk - specific group is required because certain programmes have been seen elsewhere before the uk, so international groups tend to be full of 'spoilers' for episodes that we have yet to see, thus spoiling our enjoyment of the story.

As regards spoilers, there shall be a very specific policy regarding them: If there is to be discussion of any episode of any programme which has not yet been viewed on BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, S4C, or the upcoming Channel 5 then it must include the word 'Spoiler:', the programme name (or obvious abbreviation), & the episode name (or abbreviation) in the subject line; & at least 25 lines of 'spoiler space' before the body of the posting.

Discussions on films shown on the television will also be permitted, though not actively encouraged. Similarly, new cinema releases.

The newsgroup would specifically bar: binaries of any length, so called 'fan fiction', & off topic advertisements. Adverts for on topic things, such as forthcoming conventions or magazines, will be permitted.

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uk.media.tv.sf.misc	Group for general discussions of Science Fiction on UK television