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This group will be soley for the discussion of UK events, clubs/fanzines, video releases, TV (BBC / UK Gold / etc) and Radio broadcasts, the MA/NA range of books, Doctor Who through the years, as shown on the BBC, and the BBC itself (with regards to it's dealings with Doctor Who).

Discussion of Doctor Who material (episodes/films/books) not yet released in the UK is strictly forbidden. Speculation on old characters reappearing (for example CandyMan meeting the Daleks or similar) is allowed though.


Not permitted, but references to FTPable material and Web URLs are welcomed.


Advertisers must be UK based, not post more than once every two weeks (short postings announcing changes are permitted, however). Advertisements (except those by non-profit making organisations) should be no more than 20 lines in length and be of direct relevance to the group (i.e. to do with Doctor Who). Commercial advertisers should clearly and explicitly state their commercial nature in the text of their advertisement.

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