Charter of uk.media.newspapers

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The uk.media.newspapers newsgroup is for the discussion of newspapers published in the UK, either on sale at news-stands or delivered free to your door, either local or national in focus. It is not intended that magazines, published separately from newspapers, will be discussed here.


While discussion of advertising within newspapers is relevant and so is encouraged, posting adverts to the newsgroup is strictly forbidden, with these three exceptions:
  1. Suppliers of goods and services pertinent to the production of UK newspapers may post a pointer to relevant resources on the Internet or an invitation that readers may request details from them. Such a message must not exceed six lines and must not be posted more frequently than once every nine weeks. The subject line of such a posting must begin with the word "ADVERT".
  2. Advertisements containing news of jobs available within the newspaper industry may be posted, but no job may be advertised more than once, and such advertisements may not exceed twenty lines. If this is insufficient, it is recommended that the advertisement include details of where further information may be found. The subject line of such a posting must begin with the word "JOB". Cross-posting such advertisements to uk.jobs.offered is appropriate.
  3. Participants in discussions may include references to their newspaper-related business in their signature only if the signature does not exceed four lines.


All posts must be made in plain text; HTML and other types of formatted text are forbidden. Posting URLs of relevant Internet sites, where appropriate, is encouraged.

With the explicit exception of PGP signatures, all encoded binaries are forbidden. Forbidden binaries include, but are not limited to: pictures, sounds, word processor documents, executable programs and "business cards". You are invited to read a guide on the World Wide Web at http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html for further information on how to configure your newsreader to post to uk.* newsgroups.

Anyone posting advertisements, binaries or other material contrary to this charter may be reported to their ISP or postmaster.

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