Charter of uk.media.dvd

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This newsgroup exists to promote discussion and exchange of information and ideas about all aspects of the Digital Versatile Disc medium in the United Kingdom.

The group shall not limit its' discussion solely to UK citizens nor shall it concentrate solely on UK DVD. Provided any subjects raised for discussion have at least some bearing to UK DVD use or are of interest to users of UK DVD, they will be deemed 'on-topic'. This allows for the inclusion of European DVD users and discussion of worldwide concerns by readers of the group.

Advertisements or auctions for Codefree modifications, Software, Hardware and other Digital Versatile Disc related items, whether commercial or personal, will be permitted provided the advertising text is no longer than 5 lines in length. Any subsequent info should be available by email or from a web-site. Multiple postings of similar messages will not be tolerated. A limit of one advertisement every three days shall be imposed.

All commercial or personal 'for-sale' advertisements MUST be prefixed with 'FS:' in the subject line. Similarly people looking for products must prefix the subject line of their message with 'WTB:'.

Where posts are solely used as advertisements for non-profit making informational services only, i.e. website promotion, such shall be tolerated at a maximum frequency of one every other day. This does not apply to signature file references or inclusions in other 'on-topic' posts.

Binaries shall not be permitted other than PGP signatures, as per the UK.* guidelines.

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