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uk.local.southwest.adverts is a local newsgroup intended for advertising regarding local products for sale, local services, local theatre productions (and other arts), and local companies (which do not wish to advertise outside the SouthWest).

For the purposes of this newsgroup the SouthWest is defined as including Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol and Bath, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall.

Users should note the existence of the uk.adverts.* hierarchy and should consider posting matters concerning products for sale nationwide to the relevant group. Crossposting between uk.local.southwest.adverts and uk.adverts.* is discouraged, as uk.local.southwest.adverts is intended for local adverts.

Private 'for sale' adverts may be posted a maximum of once a week. Commercial adverts may be posted a maximum of once every three weeks. Commercial adverts for the same company/service which are only worded differently will be considered identical.

This is an adverts group, and so adverts are explicitly allowed. There may be moderate discussion about adverts that are posted; any further discussion (over, for example, warnings of possible falsehoods in adverts) should only be posted if there is reasonable evidence.

This is a UK newsgroup, and activities which are illegal under UK law (including laws governing paper mail, such as chain email and multi-level marketing) must not be posted.

Binaries are not permitted; pointers to ftp or web sites may be posted.

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