Charter of uk.local.nw-england

(Not Moderated)

uk.local.nw-england is a newsgroup for the discussion of any issue concerning the North West of England, which is defined as the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Binary and other encoded files should not be posted to uk.local.nw-england.

uk.local.nw-england is not intended to provide a channel for advertising.

Modest statements of business interests in signatures attached to articles that conform to the spirit of this charter are acceptable.

Articles whose entire or main purpose is to promote a commercial activity are not acceptable in uk.local.nw-england.

Messages posted to this newsgroup must not be cross-posted to more than a TOTAL of four uk.local.* newsgroups; these may be geographically adjacent or overlapping, or connected by the subject of the post (e.g. "moving house from Birmingham to Manchester").

Participants in uk.local.nw-england are expected to respect the usual guidelines for on-line behaviour when posting to the newsgroup.

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uk.local.nw-england	Issues concerning the North-West of England