Charter of uk.gay-lesbian-bi


uk.gay-lesbian-bi provides a forum for the discussion of lesbian, gay and bisexual related issues from a UK viewpoint, but not the morality of such issues.

uk.gay-lesbian-bi is intended as a safe space for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, their friends and those interested in matters of sexuality. All posters are requested to respect this.

The newsgroup is moderated and operates under the moderation guidelines listed in the moderation policy statement contained within this charter.

Announcements of relevant events are allowed. Long announcements belong in uk.announce.

Personal advertisements must not be posted to uk.gay-lesbian-bi; use uk.adverts.personals.gay-lesbian-bi or one of the many other personal groups instead.

Commercial advertising is forbidden.

Pointers to commercial sites fall under the rule about commercial advertising other than statements in .sig files four lines or under in length.

Test postings should be sent to appropriate test groups.

Excessive cross-posting is inappropriate. Posters are requested to restrict cross-posting to no more than two other newsgroups and all such articles must meet the requirements of the charters of all groups involved. All cross-posts with other moderated groups, except those for uk.net.news.announce and signed by Control, may be rejected unless sequential approval rights have been established.

Encoded binaries e.g. pictures, compressed files, etc. are forbidden. Such material belongs on a web or FTP site to which a pointer may be posted. Cryptographic signatures e.g. PGP may be used where authentication is important and should be as short as possible and under ten lines.

All articles must be readable in plain text; no HTML, RTF, or similar, or attachments are allowed. To see how to make your newsreader comply with this, please read <http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html>.

Please do not top post; when quoting parts of a previous post please retain the author's name and quote only enough to give context and place your reply beneath the quoted section.


Anyone posting contrary to this charter may be reported to their 'postmaster' and, or, Service Provider.

Moderation Policy Statement


Moderation will be by a pre-approved system: a semi-automatic moderation bot running STUMP system or similar will receive all postings to the group.

Individuals who have made one approved posting will automatically be added to the pre-approved posters list, unless posting using a shared non-individual generic 'From' address in which case all such articles shall be approved individually.

All pre-approved posters will have their articles automatically accepted and forwarded on to the group unless contrary to the auto-reject software. Their pre-approved status can only be revoked by the moderators if they violate the moderation policy and this action must be supported by a two thirds majority of the moderation panel and reported immediately to the group.

Withdrawal of pre-approved status will be for a period of one calendar month, during which the poster shall be removed from the pre-approved and added to the manual list and have articles manually moderated; upon expiry of the withdrawal period they shall be removed from the manual list and pre-approved status shall be restored on the same terms as first time posters i.e. following their next posting of an approved article. A record will be kept of all withdrawals of pre-approved status for a period of twelve months from the date of withdrawal.

Pre-approved posters who have inadvertently breached the moderation rules can apply to the moderators to be restored to the pre-approved list sooner than one month and the moderators can do so if they are satisfied that the offending post was genuinely made in error.

All encoded binaries, HTML and other non-plain posts identified by the moderation software will be rejected by the moderation bot.

The remaining posts from people not on the pre-approved list will be sent to the moderators.

The moderators will approve all postings regardless of content unless they are:

  1. a personal ad.
  2. a commercial article, including those aimed at overcoming the ban on commercials e.g. by generating commercial URLs or pop-up windows for the sole purpose of advertising or by including a time-delayed subscription requirement or silent dialler.
  3. an encoded binary, HTML or non-plain text article that has escaped the automatic software, or any article not readable as plain text; no HTML, RTF or similarly formatted or word processor formats or any attachments are allowed.
  4. an article cross-posted to more than four groups in total including uk.gay-lesbian-bi; or an article cross-posted to another moderated group unless a group where sequential approval rights have been established; or unless to uk.net.news.announce and signed by Control; cross-posted articles must meet the charter requirements of all the groups involved.
  5. a test post, except from a moderator or one of their Admins; all zero content articles, random character or randomized text and incomprehensible articles shall be deemed to be test posts.
  6. an identical debut article; or an article with identical content or an article with similar content but different headers which has been sent to the group more than twice in any 24 hour period; or an identical or similar article which has been sent to the group more than twice in any 24 hour period and which in the opinion of a moderator forms part of a mail-bomb attack on the group and a moderator's vote shall be obtained to ratify the action taken in the interests of accountability.
  7. an article of spam or velveeta, defined as one which has been multi- posted across usenet and, or, posted simultaneously or separately to each of several other groups unless a request for help or advice when consideration will be given since uk.gay-lesbian-bi provides both and the article may be relevant to several other groups.
  8. an article where the follow-up has been set by the author as part of a flood to another hierarchy or group.
  9. an article intended for the moderators or their Admins including all automatic responder messages; or a repetitive robot generated reply to formal reject notifications and after 12 or more similar replies auto-reject software will be activated to drop any recurrences.
  10. an article intended to scam or to acquire passwords or money, or to request money or donations unless by an appropriate registered community charity, or a robot or worm generated article.
The moderators will return these rejected posts to the sender, if one can be identified, with an appropriate standard e-mail of explanation: If a moderator doubts that a post falls within one of these categories then they should seek clarification from the poster whenever possible, or guidance by simple majority from the moderation panel, before action is taken; the panel are also guided by FAQ3. If a reasonable doubt still exists then the moderators will approve the article.

Unless on notified leave a moderator will have been deemed to have abstained from any website or e-mail discussion if no response is made within three days of the matter first being flagged or raised. A quorum for all panel decisions where a majority or two-thirds is required shall comprise at least four moderators.


The moderation software will make a monthly report to the group stating the number of articles received, approved and rejected by robot and human moderators, the total number of human moderator articles processed and the total of new posters pre-approved. Logs of the moderators' actions are available on a web page maintained on the moderation server. Rejected articles (other than binaries, for which only the headers will be kept) will be held on the server for public inspection for one month after they have been rejected. Excessively long articles may be truncated to 60 lines before storing them in the archive. Action to withdraw pre-approved status and commence manual moderation of an individual will immediately be communicated to the group.

The moderators will be subject to annual election and recall as set out below.

Housekeeping the pre-approved list

After notice on the group, the contents of the pre-approved posters list shall be reviewed on a rolling monthly basis with any inactive address older than six months to be automatically dropped. A record of one year's worth of names shall be maintained and once a Votetaker has been requested all names added to the pre-approved list before close of voting shall be added to it, and this will used by the Votetaker to determine voting eligibility in matters regarding the moderators. The server Admins shall carry out appropriate housekeeping on the pre-approved list only in the interests of security and integrity and as and when necessary and agreed with the moderation panel.

Requests for removal of pre-approved listing

Anyone who wishes to have their name removed from the pre-approved list may e-mail their request direct to the moderators' list.


The moderators or their Admins may issue cancels for any articles not authorized or approved by the moderation system, e.g. where forged headers or similarly non-approved articles have eluded the moderation process.

Moderation Panel


1. There shall be a panel of not less than 4 and not more than 12 moderators.


2. Initially moderators shall be the panel elected as part of the charter change process.

3. Then each year thereafter elections will be held for the posts of moderator.

  1. 11 months after moderation comes into effect (and every twelve months subsequently) the moderation panel will appoint a neutral party to conduct the election as votetaker. The votetaker will issue a call for nominations for a new moderation panel.
  2. Nominations will be open for 10 days and to be valid each nominee will have to be proposed and seconded by pre-approved posters (self-nomination is permitted). All pre-approved posters shall have the right to vote, regardless as to whether they were pre-approved before or after the opening of nominations.
  3. At the end of 10 days a list of candidates (including their proposers/seconders) will be published.
  4. A five day period of hustings will be held during which the candidates will answer questions from posters to the group.
  5. The votetaker will issue the first call for votes, to be followed by a second call for votes five days later, the voting period lasting in all for 10 days, votes shall only be valid if submitted on official ballot forms.
  6. Voting will be by the Single Transferable Vote method, with a reopen nominations candidate (RON) added to the ballot. If RON passes the quota then all the then unfilled places are void requiring a new election for those vacancies.
  7. Each voter shall receive an acknowledgement from the votetaker. They will be given a unique identification as part of their acknowledgement, this will enable them to verify their vote when the result is published while protecting their identity from other voters.
  8. The votetaker will publish the result and a voting list comprising voter identifiers and their vote.
  9. In the event of less than 4 moderators being elected or RON passing quota the votetaker will issue a second request for nominations no later than 1 month after the close of ballot and hold elections for the remaining vacancies. Those elected at this election shall serve until the annual round of elections are held.
  10. In the event of the resignation, removal or death of a moderator the next highest candidate (if they are still willing) from the previous election will be appointed for the remainder of the term.
  11. If the number of moderators falls below 4 or if the moderators consider it necessary due to excessive workload, they will appoint such temporary moderators as are necessary (the total number of moderators not to exceed 12) to efficiently moderate uk.gay-lesbian-bi. Their appointment to be confirmed by a vote of the pre-approved posters within 21 days. They will serve until the annual round of elections are held.

Leave of Absence and Removal

4. Moderators should inform the moderating team of periods when they will be inactive. The moderation panel may appoint a temporary moderator to stand in during this period, the position being offered first to the highest loser from the last election, or failing that a person of their choice.

Other than such periods any moderator that does not take part in moderation activity for 21 consecutive days shall automatically be removed from the moderation team.

5. Moderators who either approve excluded posts or decline to approve non-excluded posts may be removed by a two thirds decision of the other moderators.

6. Any moderator may be removed by a vote of no confidence.

  1. Such a vote may be proposed by any pre-approved poster and will need to be supported by 9 other pre-approved posters.
  2. People on the pre-approved list at the time when the vote of no confidence is tabled shall be eligible to vote on such a proposal i.e. people added to the pre-approved list after the formal request for a no confidence vote will not be permitted to vote on this occasion.
  3. A ballot should be held within 10 days of a formal request for a vote of no confidence. A neutral person will be asked by the moderation panel to conduct the ballot.

    The question shall be:-

    "Do you have confidence in X as a moderator of uk.gay-lesbian-bi yes/no/abstain"
  4. For the purposes of calculating a majority only votes yes or no will count. A simple majority of votes cast for no shall indicate that the group has no confidence in the moderator and s/he shall immediately be removed from the moderation panel.
  5. A vote of no confidence in the whole moderation panel will not be permitted, only a vote for each individual moderator.
  6. The votetaker shall use the same anonymising method as outlined for the annual election of moderators and shall publish the result with the anonymous identifiers and how they voted.
  7. After the conclusion of a vote of no confidence which fails no such similar motion shall be brought against the same person for a period of three calendar months.

Moderation Software and Location

The moderation software shall be the STUMP system or similar, and shall be located on a server as agreed by the Admins and moderation team. STUMP (Secure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program) logs all decisions automatically on a website, and is fully described at:
The moderators will arrange a back up server and in the event of the loss of the moderation server will ensure the back up server provides continuity.

Changes to Moderation Policy

All changes to moderation policy will be treated as a formal charter change requiring a full RFD and CFV in uk.net.news.announce cross-posted to uk.net.news.config and uk.gay-lesbian-bi.


Gregoire Kretz
Kate West
Paul Anderson
Stephen M Baines
The names of current moderators are published regularly on the newsgroup and on the newsgroup's web page.

Moderation submission address

The moderators themselves may be contacted at
or, for purely administrative matters

Newsgroups line

uk.gay-lesbian-bi	For bisexuals, lesbians and gays in the UK (Moderated)