Charter of uk.games.video.playstation.forsale

(Not Moderated)

This unmoderated group will provide a forum in which residents of the United Kingdom can post "for sale" and "wanted" adverts, for the trade of second hand Playstation hardware and software.

Any discussion about the Playstation, including reviews and buying advice, should take place within uk.games.video.playstation. There shall be NO cross posting between uk.games.video.playstation.forsale and uk.games.video.playstation (anyone who wishes to discuss the Playstation and trade goods should subscribe to both newsgroups).

The subject line of articles should start with:

Commercial adverts will be permitted providing:
  1. The subject line starts with 'COM:' or 'COMMERCIAL:'.
  2. The advert is no longer than 25 lines of 80 characters, including the signature.
  3. Any prices should include VAT and P&P (preferably in Pounds Sterling).
  4. A company may post no more than one advert in any 7 day period.
In addition:

Newsgroups line

uk.games.video.playstation.forsale	Sony Playstation sales YYY wants