Charter of uk.games.computer.quake

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uk.games.computer.quake is the group where discussion of Quake play in the UK takes place. This can include, but is not limited to, discussion of Quake servers, leagues, levels created by UK people, and clans. Newbies to Quake are welcome and help should be provided to them where appropriate.

While it is suspected that the emphasis of the group will lie with discussion related to play over the internet, posts which do not relate to net-play, but which still relate to Quake within the UK in some way (e.g. asking where you could buy Scourge of Armagon for a good price within the UK), are deemed perfectly acceptable.

As it has been observed that UK Quakers are, in general, less than perfect in their posting habits (!), it is strongly recommended that basic netiquette is adhered to.

In particular, the following should be observed (i.e. must be observed, unless you have an exceptional reason not to):

Advertisements are not permitted on this group, unless they are directly related to UK Quake in some way.

Binaries are not permitted on this group under any circumstances.

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uk.games.computer.quake	Discussion related to Quake in the UK