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This group is for general unmoderated discussion of board game playing in the UK. This includes, but is not limited to: The use of the term "board" is used loosely. It is intended to cover traditional 'family' games (Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble), classics (Chess, Backgammon, Go), games played by hobbyists (Acquire, 18xx, Railway Rivals), abstract games (Abalone, Quarto), board-wargames (World in Flames, etc. etc.) and those games that are not strictly board games but are played by the same people (6 Nimmt, Family Business, etc.).

It is *not* for discussing computer/video games except where these are derivatives of established board-based games; nor for discussion of traditional card games (Bridge, Poker), trading-card games (Magic: The Gathering, STTNGCCG), war games involving minatures, or role-playing games.


Commercial advertising posts are not acceptable, excepting **short** one-off announcements of general interest. Non-advertising posts and responses from suppliers, designers, and manufacturers are welcomed, especially in response to specific queries.

Personal posts for the buying and selling of individual games are welcome.

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