Charter of uk.environment.conservation

(Not Moderated)

This group is for the discussion of conservation matters concerning the UK, including countryside management; conservation volunteers; practical discussions of techniques and materials; wildlife records; announcements of relevant developments; heritage visitor management; urban countryside; requests for information or assistance.

This group will not discuss political matters, e.g. bypasses, nuclear reactors, government policies, campaigns with political motivations, hunting policy. Exceptions will be where such matters are directly concerned with the topics included above. Any other such discussion should probably take place in uk.environment or uk.politics.environment.

This group will not accept postings which are irrelevant to the group charter.

There should also be no discussion of scientific matters for which a suitable forum already exists. These are mostly in the sci.bio hierarchy.

There should be no discussion about recreational matters for which a suitable forum already exists.


Short (less than 20 line) announcements relevant to readers are permitted; blatant off-topic advertising from any source is not.


Binary files would not be suitable for inclusion in this group, however references to FTP-able material and Web URLs are welcomed.

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uk.environment.conservation	UK conservation, heritage and wildlife matters