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uk.education.home-education is for the discussion of issues and sharing of experiences relating to the home education of children in the UK who are not enrolled in the school system (also known as 'unschooling', 'home-schooling', or 'educating otherwise'). E.g. educational experiences of parents and children involved in home education; relations with local educational authorities; legal matters; educational resources and ideas and methods; announcements of coming events; home educating children with disabilities or learning difficulties; starting-up after nightmare experiences involving school (bullying by pupils or teachers, 'school phobia', etc.); and all sorts of discoveries, wants, requests, suggestions, announcements, gripes, tips, moans, letters of support, arguments, and so on and so forth.

Advertising is not permitted. Occasional genuine personal recommendations are acceptable by those without a financial interest in the resource they are bringing to people's attention.

No binaries. Pointers to interesting websites are encouraged.

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