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This newsgroup is intended to be a forum for the discussion of the roles, responsibilities and problems of School Governors in England and Wales, School Board Members in Scotland and their equivalent Northern Ireland.

It will allow us to share ideas, experiences and information. We welcome contributions from posters representing governing bodies, from individual governors or from teachers, parents or any person with an interest in education on matters of concern to governors.

Discussion topics should be limited to matters of concern to UK governors or to requests for information about school governance in the UK.

The following are considered off-topic:

No posting of binary files is permitted. Pointers to Web or ftp sites are only permitted as answers to specific questions as part of the response.

Advertisement should be limited to matters of direct concern to governors such as sources of information or training opportunities and be no more than 10 lines in length. They should be from the UK and not post more frequently than once a month. Commercial advertisers should explicitly state the commercial nature of the material. Advertisements for school resources in general are not welcome.

Advertising for jobs is not permitted.

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