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The group will be for discussion of GCSEs and Standard Grades in general. Also it will provide pre-GCSE/Standard Grades students an opportunity to communicate with people who are currently taking, or have previously taken various GCSEs/Standard Grades so that they can find out opinions on different courses. The group is primarily aimed at UK students.

The following topics will be on-topic:

And the following off-topic: What will be permitted is adverts from suppliers of goods that are relevant to GCSEs/Standard Grades which have pointers how to get further details. These may not exceed four lines and may be posted no more often than once every three months. The subject line should begin "AD:". Signatures should not exceed four lines. Adverts should not be crossposted.

Encoded binaries (e.g. pictures, word processor files, Zip files, "business cards", etc.), are *forbidden*, with the exception of short cryptographic signatures. However pointers to FTP/web sites of interest to the readers of the newsgroup are welcome.

Posts must be readable as plaintext and contain no HTML format marks. Posts duplicating their text content as fully-marked up HTML, or only the latter, should not be made.

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