Charter of uk.education.behavioural

(Not Moderated)

This is a newsgroup for the discussion of UK Education-related issues arising from:
  1. emotional and behavioural difficulties
  2. attendance problems
The group is open to those with all points of view about the issues.

If contributors discuss real cases the actual names of individuals and institutions must not be disclosed. Contributors should be aware that a post from an institution may contain data that identify the institution. Where contributors need to ensure that the identity of the institution is not revealed they should post via a Dejanews, Yahoo or Hotmail type account.


Advertising is forbidden, with the following exceptions:


All posts must be made in plain text; HTML and other types of formatted text are forbidden. Posting URLs of relevant Internet sites, where appropriate, is encouraged.

With the explicit exception of PGP signatures, all encoded binaries are forbidden. Forbidden binaries include, but are not limited to: pictures, sounds, word processor documents, executable programs and "business cards". You are invited to read a guide on the World Wide Web at http://www.usenet.org.uk/ukpost.html for further information on how to configure your newsreader to post to uk.* newsgroups.


Anyone posting advertisements, binaries or other material contrary to this charter may be reported to their ISP or postmaster without further warning after their first offence.

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