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uk.current-events.n-ireland is an unmoderated newsgroup in which any post detailing a news event (perhaps, but not necessarily, being in a form similar to a newspaper report) in Northern Ireland is welcomed.

Postings which are longer than about 100 lines are not encouraged, but neither are they explicitly banned. Further discussion on a post is also welcomed. Discussion on anything which isn't currently "in the news", or which isn't germane to Northern Ireland or the Northern Irish situation is *un*welcome.


Forbidden. If you do have a current events type binary that you wish to share with the readership, then please place it on a ftp/http site, & post a pointer to it in the group instead.


Unwelcome, unless it is for something of *direct* relevance to the topic of the newsgroup. Headers of adverts for postings such as MAKE MONEY FAST that may inadvertently find their way onto the group will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

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uk.current-events.n-ireland	Events in Northern Ireland